• J + D by Steve Hood Films

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    If, in the first 3 clips of a wedding film I feel like I’m watching a movie… it’s all over.

    One thing I would like to talk about is the last slo-motion clip. At first it threw me way off. My instinct was to reject it as poor quality. However, after pulling my head out of the rule book and watching it with fresh eyes it was surprisingly refreshing. Fitting in perfectly with the flat colors and sad music, it gives it an extra vintage feel to it and leaves me hanging on wishing there was more, in a good way.

    Now watch it again and look at the motion in each clip. Notice that almost every clip is effectively still! Not perfectly but with just a touch of movement. I had that feeling in my stomach when you become instantly inspired. It gives it a very cinematic feel like every frame is it’s own painting.  That’s one of those styles that takes a lot of work to get right. Loved it.

    Bookmark this one for sure.

    Video courtesy of Steve Hood Films

    Music – “Deeper” by Chris Coleman liscenced via Musicbed

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  • Anicia + Carlos by Belvedere Stories

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    Is it just me or is “Hold Onto Hope Love” entering Ben Rector territory as for as overuse? Give it one more chance though cause this film from Belvedere Stories is fantastic. A couple things really jumped out to me the first time I saw it (besides the flat out gorgeous cinematography and the excellent, clean sound bites).
    1) I love that a lot of the lighting is really dramatic without being overly contrasty. Look, I get it. A lot of prep happens in hotel-type rooms where there is one main light source – a giant window. I know what it’s like to feel like you have to choose between being able to see the subjects in the room and having blown out windows or having the people be more in silhouette and being able to see out the window. Take notes on this video’s prep sections. They definitely push more in a darker direction, but the filmmakers achieve a consistent richness to the shots without ever going into extreme silhouettes.
    2) Another common obstacle wedding filmmakers face is getting good shots of the people giving toasts. In a lot of the videos I watch, the shots of the toasters are the weakest parts visually. You want to (and should) use a sound bite, and you want to (and should) briefly show us who’s talking so it’s not just a “voice of God.” Again, take some notes on the shots in this film. The people giving speeches are well lit, the cameras are at a good angle in orientation to the direction the people are facing, and the lens is long enough that we’re not distracted by anything potentially going on in the background of a wider shot.
    Between those two things, it feels like the filmmakers were always in control of their shots instead of it being the other way around. It’s the little things that take a video from good to great. Bravo, Belvedere Stories.

    Video courtesy of Belvedere Stories

    Music: “Hold Onto Hope Love” by Amy Stroup licensed via Musicbed

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  • Jess + Jack by Woolshed Imaging

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    The first segment of any film sets the mood and grabs the attention of the viewer. You only get one chance. Regardless of how good the rest of the film is, people will lose interest fast. Immediately Woolshed Imaging hits you with those first few notes of that song setting such an innocent and elegant tone. To be honest the song is not typically my style, but I soon came to eat those words. Everything was in sync and as I watched I realized that the song perfectly fit this couple and I continually found myself feeling more and more connected to them. If I came away from this video with one thing I’d say it was to always remember that regardless of our taste as a creator we always have to remember that our work is for, and represents, our clients. The truer our work is to them the more authentic it will be and the more people will connect with it.


    Video: Courtesy of Woolshed Imaging.

    Music: Always – Analog Heart,  Into The Light – Gyom  –  Musicbed

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  • The Dangers of Overconfidence

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    I’m reading a book right now called Originals by Adam Grant. I’m a little over halfway through and so far it’s been fantastic. I would recommend it to any entrepreneur in a creative field. However, in one early chapter there was a section that seemed so appropriate for the love24fps community that I had to share. . . . (more…)

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  • Saskia & Pierre by Kreativ Wedding

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    Ich liebe this submission from Riccardo Fasoli and the folks at Kreativ Wedding. It has great pacing and gives you a strong sense of location (an absolutely gorgeous location to boot), but we can all agree that the vows are really the heart and soul of this video. The filmmakers captured crisp, clean audio at the ceremony and got plenty of b-roll of the couple writing their vows to further bolster that storyline. A lot of companies start out defaulting to a more photojournalistic approach; aiming to simply capture things as they happen on the wedding day. This video demonstrates the power of what can happen when a couple articulates what’s in their hearts into words. Find out if your clients are writing their own vows or not. If saying the traditional vows is important to them, that’s fine. But strongly encourage them to write letters to each other and then have them read those letters on camera. They may be hesitant at first, but you are working for their best interest. They won’t regret it, and neither will you. Danke shön, Riccardo and Kreativ Wedding!

    Video courtesy of Kreativ Wedding

    Music: “Jellyfish in the Sky” by Jo Blankenburg licensed by Musicbed

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  • Jenny & Dan by Bride Film

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    Paris, man. It’s one of those cities where even just the name evokes a flood of images. With such iconic locations that have been shot so many times in so many ways, it can be easy to slip into cliche. But I promise you this tight little film showcases Paris in a way you’ve never seen before. There is a ton of energy that comes from both the camera movement and the editing. After the tone is firmly established, the filmmakers bring the couple intimately close giving them the same charm and grace as the city they’re in. This video is glamorous. It’s sexy. It keeps you on your toes. I love using the couple’s shadows to transition the bride into that black dress at 01:58. Thanks to Bride Film for the submission. Bravo.

    Video courtesy of Bride Film

    Music: “According to God” by Beautiful Eulogy licensed by Marmoset

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  • Tanya + Jonathan by Al Agua Cinema

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    It’s easy to throw around words like “cinematic” and “epic”, but let’s take a sec and talk about what those words really mean. There is a certain weight that comes with words like these; a grand sense of scale. What better way way to give your audience a big sense of space than a nice wide shot? The tricky part about wide shots though is that the wider they go, the more likely they are going to include something distracting. What sets the wide shots in this video from Al Agua apart from others is that the wide shots aren’t just for the sake of establishment. Instead the filmmakers are using wide lenses to create incredibly dynamic images. First let’s talk about the drone shots. The reason we say that drone shots are overused is because a lot of people just send them up hoping to get a good shot. Then when you get to your computer if the footage looks mediocre, it can be tough to cut it because you spent a lot of money on the drone and at least it’s a unique perspective, right? Eh, maybe. But the drone shots in this video feel so much more intentional than that. There is always movement whether it’s the subject itself like the flowing water at 00:36 or movement of the camera like at 01:36. The other reason the drone shots work so well in this video is because the bride and groom were both clearly getting ready on high floors. Because the filmmakers properly exposed their subjects so that you can see the people as well as the ground far below outside the window, the drone shots fit in seamlessly. Take the shots at 01:48 and 01:50. At first glance it’s tough to tell whether they’re drone shots or not.
    Sorry for the drone tangent. I also want to point out that you don’t just have to use wide lenses to manipulate the space and give your shots a grand, cinematic feeling. Take the shot at 02:30. The doors slowly open (again great movement within the frame) to reveal the bride’s silhouette in front of that huge chandelier. Thanks to the filmmaker’s patience and great perspective, an incredibly epic shot is born. As a matter of personal taste, I kind of got tired of the flashy, jump cut transitions, but at least they committed and were consistent all the way through.
    Again, thanks to Al Agua for the submission. Nice work.

    Video courtesy of Al Agua

    Music: “Chiaroscuro” by Songs of Water licensed by Musicbed

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  • Sean + Anna by Watertown Films

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    I’ve seen so many wedding films start with some combination of landscape/establishing shots that when I see something different I’m immediately engaged. Not to say you need to re-invent the wheel, but if you have the chance to break the status quo, do it! Going out of your comfort zone and taking risks is the only way to achieve greater things. Aside from nailing the intro, Watertown Films did an amazing job at finding the light. All of the shots are beautifully lit and that doesn’t just happen by chance. Nothing is off the table when it comes to finding the light. If you find yourself thinking “I know these shots should look better than this” one of the first things you should be checking is your light source. I would recommend watching this a few times focussing on something new each time, maybe even jot down some notes.


    Video courtesy of Watertown Films

    Music: “Become” by Phillip Cuccias licensed by Musicbed

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  • Ryan + Jackie by Rayne Wedding Films

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    There comes a point in each of our careers when we finally feel like we know what we are doing. From colors, to story line, to audio, Rayne Wedding Films are doing it right. Everything about this film speaks quality and care. The colors and audio are crisp and consistent. You are continuously presented with interesting content. And throughout the story you are drawn closer and closer to the couple. Most of our weddings are shot in settings just like this and if we can produce products with the quality and care that went into this film, that’s all a client could ask for.


    Video Courtesy of Rayne Wedding Films

    Music: Launch by Ryan Taubert, Our time is now by Lights and Motion

    Licensed from Musicbed.com

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  • Justin + Kat by VELARE

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    The first couple minutes of this video do something that we don’t see often enough: what’s being shown matches what’s being heard. That can be a tough thing to do in wedding videography, but the folks at Velare use their gorgeous cinematography to make the weight of this father’s emotional speech hit you in the feels that much harder. When he talks about raising daughters we see shots of little girls. He mentions his daughter growing up to be “the beautiful young lady you see here today” and we are first introduced to the bride with that striking shot of her eyes through the mirror. When he moves on to the sad notes about her mother and step mother both passing away, we see a high contrast shot of the bride’s silhouette accenting the darkness of grief. One shot goes wildly out of focus for a couple seconds as though we, the audience, are crying. Fantastic Job.


    Video courtesy of Velare

    Music: Steady by Kingslynn licensed from Musicbed

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