• Laura + Lauran by Robert Michael Films

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    Happy Thursday everyone!

    Video courtesy of Robert Michael Films

    Music licensed via Musicbed

    Gear: Sony a7siiSigma 35, Canon 70-200

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  • Elissa + Adam by Steve Hood Films

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    Hey, folks! I’m back from my hurricane evacuation vacation (evacucation?). For those of you that checked in over the past couple weeks, thanks. After we got back, we were without power for a few days, but all things considered we feel very fortunate. A couple neighbors had some damage from trees blowing over, but our house was pretty much unscathed. I’m going to keep the posts pretty short for the next couple of weeks as I get caught up on my real job, but there are some pretty exciting things in store for love24fps in the near future so stay tuned! Today’s video is from the always delightful Steve Hood. I wish grooms in the States would take some cues from their mates in the UK when it comes to giving speeches at the reception. This groom’s speech provides the perfect backbone to this beautiful, peaceful film.

    Video courtesy of Steve Hood Films

    Music: “Always” by Shawn Williams licensed via Musicbed

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  • Stay breezy!

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    I had a super fun post planned for today, but then my governor ordered me to leave my house.

    14479813_10209938889976091_4525045279449683940_n copy

    There’s my house (not to scale) in the ominous, blocky, red path of Hurricane Matthew. We’ve got friends around Atlanta that graciously opened their home to us so we’ll be fine, but I’m going to be out of commission for the next few days. I’m already backed up on replying to emailed submissions, and this isn’t going to make things better, but keep sending in the best of your summer work. You guys rock! Peace.

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  • Sandra + Anthony by maru films

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    Ten seconds into this video you’ll already be able to tell that this isn’t your average wedding film. Granted, this couple has a more unique family situation than a lot of couples, but props to the filmmakers for allowing that uniqueness to take center stage. This film serves as a great inspiration for all of us to find those things that make our clients unique and put them on full display. That being said, this film isn’t just getting by on it’s uniqueness. The coverage of the ceremony is fantastic. The intimacy that’s created from those shots is something that we as wedding filmmakers can literally apply to all of our work.

    Video courtesy of maru films

    Music: “Foreigners (Alt. Version)” by Luke Thompson licensed via Musicbed

    Camera: Sony a7S
    Lenses: Sigma 35mm f1.4Canon 50mm f1.2100mm f2.824-104 f470-200 f2.8

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  • Stephanie + Collin by Dave and a Camera Films

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    This week I’ve been working on a video for a couple whose wedding day wasn’t ideal for me as their videographer. Despite my most persuasive efforts, they opted to not write each other letters and to keep all toasts at the rehearsal dinner (which I did not attend). Obviously I’d like to have those options to beef up the video, however, today’s post is an excellent example of how, with a little craftsmanship, clips from a traditional ceremony alone can really sustain a video all by themselves. Not to mention, depending on what kind of packages you offer (ie if you have some that don’t include a full ceremony edit separately), a video like this may be exactly the kind of highlight your clients want to see.

    Video courtesy of David and Camera Films

    Music: “Breathe pt 2” by Titus licensed Soundstripe and “In the Morning (instrumental)” by Vows licensed via Musicbed

    Cameras: Sony FS5, Sony a7S II, Sony a7r II
    Lenses: Sigma Art 20 mm, Sigma Art 50 mm, Sony 85 mmSony 70-200 mmTamron 70-200 mm

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  • Kellie + Ross by Mike Dalton Films

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    Here at the blog I’m always trying to post easily consumable content (ie in the three to five minute range), cause I know you people got things to do. However, I’m also fully aware that a lot of the work we in the wedding film community do does not fit into that time frame. Today’s post provides excellent inspiration for more long-form wedding filmmaking. Throughout its eight and a half minutes, we’re guided to different locations and moments, but the film never loses its creative voice. You really get to experience this couple’s entire wedding day through an artist’s eyes. Props.

    Video courtesy of Mike Dalton Films

    Music licensed via Musicbed

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  • Shaun + Ana by FOCUS Imagery

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    From my perspective, one of the coolest things about this blog is how it unites the global wedding videography community. We’ve posted work from dozens of countries, but for some reason we seem to have particularly big followings in the UK, Germany, and Australia. Shouts out to you guys. It’s been a while since we’ve posted something from down under so I’m happy to be sharing this entry from FOCUS Imagery. This film has several things working for it (The couple’s own words really connect us to their personalities. The use of slow-mo feels intentional, highlighting candid moments instead of just artificially building drama), but the thing this film really does better than many is utilize its posed, portrait-session shots well. You know the footage. You might get something nice at a first look or more likely between the ceremony and reception while the guests are at the cocktail hour. These are your money shots; bride and groom, front and center. Because these shots don’t revolve around an event (except for maybe a first look), they tend to have a more ethereal quality to them. They don’t typically establish a location and the editing doesn’t have to communicate a sequence of events as much as a feeling of intimacy between the couple. That disconnect from time and space allows these shots to be placed just about anywhere in your timeline. But this film doesn’t just randomly slap these shots down and call it good. It opens with the couple out on those sand flats. Then there’s the reverse transition back to the prep. Now we’re in the “real” world watching the day unfold in “real” time. Things progress normally up through the ceremony. Then all of a sudden the couple kisses and we’re transported back to this fantasy world of ocean waves, sunlight through the trees, and two joyous newlyweds. The music shifts, we hear applause, and we’re back with the couple finishing their kiss at the ceremony. Finally, we watch the couple party the night away. That careful crafting of the edit makes the film more engaging on a subconscious level. Great job.

    Video courtesy of FOCUS Imagery

    Music: “Triumph” and “Begin Again (feat Eebee)” by Generdyn and “Moving Forward” by Greg Thomas licensed via Musicbed

    Gear: Panasonic GH4 and Canon 5D mk III with Canon 50mm f/1.2 and 17-40mm f/4. Nikon D810 with Sigma arts 50mm f/1.4, macro 105mm f/2.8, and Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8. DJI Phantom 4.

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  • Mary Beth + Nick by Two Rings Wedding Videos

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    I’m operating on only a few hours of sleep so I’m going to keep things short and sweet today by listing some of my favorite things. Love the intentional use of nat sound when we hear the bride say “I feel great” at 01:10 and “my husband”  at 03:50. That long profile shot at 01:13 is such a fresh way to introduce the groom. The match cut at 01:36. #books at 01:52. But for real 02:52 is why we do what we do, right? Fantastic. Also, 03:04. Why are we so quick to cut away from shots like that? Excellent patience in the editing.

    Video courtesy of Two Rings Wedding Videos

    Music: “Untitled (A Rouse of Passion)” by A. Taylor and “You’ve Come Home” by Bradford Nyght licensed via Musicbed

    Gear: Canon C100 MarkII, 5D Mark III, and 7D Mark II. Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro, 70-200mm f/2.8,  24-105mm f/4, Rokinon 24mm T1.5, and Zeiss 50mm f/2.0 Makro-Planar.

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  • Annelie + Stephan by Christian Morgenstern

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    It’s always cool to see a filmmaker intentionally spurn popular aesthetics because they want their films to accomplish something  unique. When Christian Morgenstern submitted this video, he said up front that he was not interested in going down the road of epic ambient music, sweeping landscapes, and slow-mo ronin shots. Instead he wanted this film to feel more intimate. It was a small wedding with a few family and friends in the farm country of Brandenburg, Germany so intimacy is an absolutely appropriate mood to aim for. But this film doesn’t just aim for intimacy, it totally nails it. The tasteful handheld camera work and the singer-songwriter music work together to create a rustic, hand-made feeling. But more importantly, the opening focus on the ceremony and the great amount of face time the couple gets really helps us connect with them on an intimate level.

    Video courtesy of Christian Morgenstern

    Music: “I Like You” by Jake Etheridge feat. Olivia Rudeen licensed via Musicbed

    Gear: Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, Canon 5D Mark III

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  • Adolfo + Janice by C2Films

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    On the spectrum of documentary-style wedding films and more art-driven, abstract wedding films, this entry is dives head first toward the latter. There is definitely a time and a place to celebrate excellent photojournalism in wedding filmmaking, but today we’re just going to soak in the striking beauty of this piece. It’s not so much about what actually happens in the video as it is how the video makes you feel while you watch it. There’s even a dip into a little surrealism(!) at 03:06. Never heavy handed, this film captures the essence of two beautiful people in a beautiful place.

    Video courtesy of C2 Films

    Music: “Violence (ft Chantal)” by Alaskan Tapes licensed via Musicbed

    Gear: Sony A7s, Zeiss 35mm and 50mm

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