• Christopher & Brittany by Nick Miller Films

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    Christopher & Brittany by Nick Miller Films _ Love 24 fps _ A blog dedicated to

    When you open a trailer with a big pop of music, you let the music set the tone. When – as with this awesome trailer from Nick Miller – you open with wedding day sound, whether that’s vows, the homily, a speech or, like here, a letter reading – you let the wedding set the tone. There’s nothing wrong with the first approach, but this is a great example of why the second approach works so well. By the time we’re 14 seconds in, we already feel an emotional connection with Christopher as he struggles to keep the tears at bay, and that’s fine storytelling.

    Trailer by Nick Miller Films

    Music: Soul Birds by Ryan Taubert, licensed from The Music Bed

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  • Branden & Brandi by Justin Peay

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    Branden & Brandi Wedding on Vimeo

    There’s tons to love here – really, really great storytelling being a big standout – but they all kinda pale in comparison compared to the grading in this piece, which is the best I’ve seen in maybe any wedding trailer I’ve ever seen. There’s a smidge of low contrast without it looking like that really obvious, hey-look-at-me low contrast, and a texture to every shot that you can almost reach out and run your fingers over. Ridiculous. So good I’ll forgive the Ben Rector song.

    Trailer by Justin Peay

    Music: When I’m With You by Ben Rector and Dwell by Tony Anderson, both licensed from The Music Bed

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  • The top 7 reasons your submission doesn’t make the cut

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    We’ve been getting a lot of submissions lately that, for one reason or another don’t quite make the cut to be featured on love24fps.com. I wanted to take a moment to give a few pointers so everyone submitting can maximize their chances.

    So here are the top few things we see that are likely to adversely affect your chances:

    1. Not following house rule #1: you must only use legally licensed music, and it’s super helpful if you can tell us the artist / song name / where you licensed the song from.

    2. Not following house rule #3. Ideally we’re looking for pieces less than 5 minutes long, with a hard limit of 8 minutes. Your 15-minute masterpiece might be great but we don’t want to feature it.

    3. The thumbnail is one of those ones made to look like a Hollywood movie poster. Sorry, we just think it’s cheesy and does you a disservice. You’re not making a feature-length movie for theatrical release, you’re making a wedding film. Embrace it. Don’t try to be what you’re not.

    4. Poor sound. To an extent we can forgive poor exposure, poor white balance and other visual issues, but if that Best Man speech is full of hiss and noise, or if the music steps all over the homily, we’re probably going to say no.

    5. Beginner visuals. When everyone starts shooting, they overexpose and they don’t always nail focus. If you’re going to include those shots in a trailer, it should only be because you need those shots to tell your story. If not, leave them out.

    6. Ben Rector. Seriously. There’s just no need. That’s not to say we won’t feature your work if you use Ben Rector, but know that you’ll be starting from a position of weakness. And White Dress might be an automatic lifetime ban.

    7. Showboating. We’re looking for trailers that give us all of the feels, not make us feel like we’re watching you show off whatever new toy you’ve bought or technique you’ve learned.

    I hope that helps give you some guidelines – happy submitting!

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  • Jon & Victoria’s emotional wedding by Foundation Films

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    Jon & Victoria’s emotional wedding by Foundation Films _ Love 24 fps _ A blog de

    Tomorrow we get to do something awesome, namely shoot the wedding of someone we knew and cared about before they hired us. Pretty excited.

    Today we get to watch this bitchin’ trailer from Foundation Films. Get ready to get teary.

    Trailer by Foundation Films

    Music: Building Houses by Wesley Jensen licensed through Marmoset Music

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  • Courtney & Luke’s Puget Sound wedding by Red Filter Films

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    Courtney + Luke __ Orcas Island on Vimeo

    I’ve got to admit: I recently went to Seattle for the first time and totally fell in love with it – not least the ability to hop on a ferry and explore an incredible nearby island. I’ve also got to admit: I don’t usually like interview pieces delivered straight to camera as part of a wedding film – but there’s just something about the bride and groom interviews in this piece that work incredibly well.

    Pair that with incredible candid moments – and candid sound – plus the natural beauty of the location and you have a killer trailer.

    Trailer by Red Filter Films

    Music licensed from The Music Bed


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  • Johanna & Aaron’s Ontarian wedding by Love Madly

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    2014-08-11 09_10_53-Johanna & Aaron’s Ontarian wedding by Love Madly _ Love 24 fps _ A blog dedicate

    I love the extended overture this trailer has. It’s almost like it takes us to one side and whispers in our ear: “here’s what this wedding was like” before then looping back to take us through the day once more.

    Note to wedding planners: please don’t schedule speeches at times when people will be eating (and therefore clanking silverware) and remember that ceremonies in front of big windows with a great view probably won’t look so good in the wedding film.

    Trailer by Love Madly

    Music: I Grew Up Here by Kerry Muzzey licensed from Song Freedom, and Up Side Down Umbrella by Us And Our Daughters licensed from The Music Bed.

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  • Shane & Devon’s Bel Air Country Club wedding by Chadwick Trentham

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    Shane & Devon _ Bel Air Country Club, CA on Vimeo

    Happy Friday, folks. I’m coming off an all-nighter corporate next day edit, so I’ll just leave you with Shane and Devon and their rather fabulous LA wedding.

    Trailer by Chadwick Trentham

    Music: Taste of Eternity by Bellarive, used with permission

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  • Gina & Gianno’s one-location engagement film by Copper Clover Films

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    Gina & Gianno on Vimeo

    Jason from Copper Clover Films said of this engagement film that they really wanted to “slow things down and really show the love/connection between the couple.” Objective achieved, I’d say.

    There’s something pretty ballsy about sticking to a single location for an engagement film, rather than trying to get your couple in as many different spots as possible and keep up the visual interest. What keeping them still achieves here is a real focus on them, not whatever new spot they’re in, and it’s rather disarming. I’m also in love with the song, and will definitely be keeping it in mind for a few trailers I have coming up. Lovely work.

    Engagement Film by Copper Clover Films

    Music: Pieces by Andrew Belle, licensed from The Music Bed

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  • Brad & Ashley’s Super 16 and Super 8 wedding by WhiteWood Studios

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    Brad & Ashley’s Super 16 and Super 8 wedding by WhiteWood Studios _ Love 24 fps

     I hate Jody from WhiteWood Studios, and so does my bank account, because I might now be totally obsessed with getting a Super 16 camera and using it all the time. And film stock ain’t cheap (not to mention developing and telecine…..). I’ve used a Super 8 camera for years but it didn’t occur to me that a Super 16 camera could be useful for weddings until I saw this. All of the vintage loveliness of Super 8 but just a little more refined…

    This trailer makes perfect use of the old film stocks to create a mesmerizing mood and somehow make more of the stunning Canadian backdrops than your typical, sweeping cinematic shots in HD would.

    Trailer by WhiteWood Studios

    Music: Lift by Zerbin, licensed from The Music Bed

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  • Victorian Love styled shoot by Storybook Films

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    Victorian Love Styled shoot on Vimeo

    Who doesn’t love a nice styled shoot? Especially one where the locations could double as Downton Abbey sets. The house looks just like the Dowager Countess’ manse, so I’m going to rewatch this and imagine the female model lobbing caustic barbs at her male counterpart.

    Styled shoot by Storybook Films

    Music: licensed from The Music Bed

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