• Brian & Whitney’s wedding trailer by Pen Weddings goes viral

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    Whitney & Brian by Pen Weddings _ Love 24 fps _ A blog dedicated to the best in

    Last week, three things lit up the internet. Llamas, that blue and black dress (you gold-and-white people need your eyes tested) and Brian & Whitney’s epicly beautiful wedding trailer by Pen Weddings, which to date has clocked up some 5.6m views on YouTube.

    And you know who was all over this trailer a good 4 months before the rest of the world? Damn straight. It was us.

    We’re so thrilled to see a member of our community receive so much acclaim, and for people to finally start to realize the importance of wedding filmmaking… because Brian and Whitney’s stills sure couldn’t capture those beautiful words of his.

    So here it is one more time. Huge congrats to Sarah & Rick.

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  • Haley & Scott by Two Little Starfish

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    2015-02-02 07_42_41-Haley & Scott by Two Little Starfish _ Love 24 fps _ A blog dedicated to the bes

    New Zealand. It’s not all Hobbits and misplaced vowels (“Britt, prisint….”) turns out it’s also a pretty spectacular backdrop for wedding films, like this little lovely from Bay of Islands, in the far north of the North Island.

    Trailer by Two Little Starfish

    Music: All Fair (Instrumental) by Lovelite, licensed from from Music Bed

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  • Enid & Tony’s atmospheric, intimate wedding trailer by Love Madly

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    Enid + Tony Vineland Estates Highlight Film on Vimeo

    Wedding trailers may not get more perfect than this. Intimate, romantic, epic, beautiful and atmospheric as hell. Redonks.

    Trailer by Love Madly

    Music: Hello, Love by Andrea Marie, licensed from Music Bed

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  • 5 more reasons your submission doesn’t make the cut

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    A while back I posted a piece about seven common things that make us reject wedding trailers, and I thought it was time for a quick update. We’re getting more submissions than ever, which is awesome, but not all of them make the cut and the more you know the better, right?

    All original seven reasons still stand, so these are in addition:

    1) Your submission email is just a list of pertinent facts, with no personality. We’re people too! And we like it when people say hello, flatter us by saying the blog is amazing and telling us why they’re so damn excited to submit this piece of work. Don’t treat submissions like sending a wire transfer instruction to your bank.

    2) More than one trailer in a submission email. We won’t post more than one of your pieces in any given month anyway, so don’t email with 5 trailers, hoping one of them will stick. Pick the one that’s best and submit that on its own.

    3) Drones. I get it. You’ve spent 3 grand on it and you’re super excited about your new toy, so you just want to cram as many drone shots as you can into each trailer. Well, that’s fine, but we won’t be featuring your work here, because every drone you shot you include is a missed opportunity to instead include a shot that helps tell your story. I think the perfect number of drone shots in a trailer is zero, but the next best number is 1. Any more than 1 and we’ll pretty much dismiss your submission before we’ve seen a single shot of the couple.

    4) Tonight by Secret Nation. I’m genuinely not exaggerating when I say that currently a good 25 – 30% of submissions we receive are using this song. It’s officially the new White Dress by Ben Rector. Sorry if you only just discovered it, but it’s been done to death now.

    5) Your company ident is more than a couple of seconds long. Online attention spans are ridiculously shor…. ooh, look… a shiny thing… Wait, where was I? Oh yeah: if the trailer is 4 minutes and I have to sit through 15 seconds of you promoting your company before it even starts, I’m going to click away.

    Alright, that’s it. Keep submitting!

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  • 16mm and motion graphics | Icy & Mick’s Napa Valley wedding by Bliss* Productions

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    Icy + Mick __ Get Hitched! on Vimeo

    Recently I’ve been shooting (and processing) a lot of 16mm film, trying to up my motion graphics game, and dreaming about a trip/artist retreat I’ll be taking to Rutherford, CA in July.

    So I saw Icy & Mick’s gorgeous trailer from the folks at Bliss* Productions and I was pretty instantly smitten, so much so that I broke my own “published within the last 12 months” rule. Well, rules are meant to be broken, right?

    Trailer by Bliss* Productions

    Music: Darling by Handsome & Gretyl, licensed from Music Bed

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  • It’s Oscars weekend so here’s Mary-Beth & Dave’s Wes Anderson-inspired wedding trailer by Main Street Productions

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    2015-02-02 06_11_49-It’s Oscars weekend so here’s Mary-Beth & Dave’s Wes Anderson-inspired wedding t

    This year three of the four big Oscar films are ones I loved, and films that pushed the boundaries and possibilities of filmmaking in one way or another. I would be supremely happy to see wins for Boyhood, Birdman or Grand Budapest Hotel (although how Ralph Fiennes didn’t get a nod for that is beyond me).

    Which brings us to this wonderful, Wes Anderson inspired wedding trailer by Main Street Productions, full of color and quirk.

    Trailer by Main Street Productions

    Music: Forever Is Better With You by Humming House and Like Ships Need the Sea by Emily Hearn, both licensed from Music Bed

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  • “Work hard, play hard, love truly” | Jenna & Brad by SP Films

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    Jenna & Brad- Highlight Film on Vimeo

    I wince when people who say “you had me at…”…. (Jerry Maguire was 19 years ago, people) but seriously, you had me at sky lanterns. You see, you can be given great opportunities as a wedding filmmaker – and sky lanterns is about as good as opportunities get – but you have to capitalize on them, which is what Nora and her team over at SP Films has done in this trailer – not only shooting the crap out of the sky lanterns, but then putting it up front in the trailer where it has maximum impact.

    Trailer by SP Films

    Music: Lift by Zerbin, licensed from Music Bed

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  • Lauren & Brett by Moho Creative

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    2015-02-02 07_08_57-FEB_ Lauren & Brett by Moho Creative _ Love 24 fps _ A blog dedicated to the bes

    I’ve long been a big fan of Moho Creative’s flawless work – everything from how they shoot, the emotion they convey in the edit and the sheer overall production quality of their trailers. What I love most about this one is the sheer amount of story that somehow packs into less than 6 minutes. I came away feeling like I’d been at that wedding and that I knew Lauren & Brett personally, and that’s the mark of truly excellent wedding filmmaking.

    Trailer by Moho Creative

    Music: Hymn by Fleurie, licensed from Music Bed

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  • HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! | Michael & Katelyn’s Valentine’s wedding by Heartstring Films

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    Michael & Katelyn on Vimeo

    Michael  and Katelyn’s first date was on Valentine’s Day. They got married on Valentine’s Day weekend 2014 and tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. So I’ll just shut up and let you watch. Happy V-Day everyone!

    Trailer by Heartstring Films

    Music: Hold Onto Hope Love (Instrumental) by Amy Stroup, licensed from The Music Bed

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  • Dima & Nastya by Fresh Feeling Studio

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    2015-02-02 06_52_04-Dima & Nastya by Fresh Feeling Studio _ Love 24 fps _ A blog dedicated to the be

    Gotta love when the language barrier doesn’t stop you from feeling all the feels.
    This wedding trailer has some of the best movement between shots that I’ve seen. It’s so great when shots seem to flow together, just from camera movement. The camera movement during dancing is especially fun, and a great way to transition to earlier events seamlessly. Also, there is a cute dog in it. So I’m obviously sold.

    Trailer by Feeling Fresh Studio
    Music licensed by The Music Bed

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