• Joe + Maddie by Micah Hamilton

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    Holy smokes. This is filmmaking. This is art. And here’s the thing: Yes, Iceland is a mystical wonderland, but the human element is what drives this film. Notice the very first images we see are not the slow motion waterfalls or horses galloping under an overcast sky, but intimate closeups of their faces. That’s powerful stuff. This post could go on for a while because everything in this video is so on point (sound design, color grading, pacing), but let’s just enjoy it. This is exactly the kind of work we want everyone in the world to see so that people know what wedding filmmakers are capable of. I’d almost pay someone to let me shoot their wedding there.

    Video by Micah Hamilton. Mega props, dude.

    Music: December by Tow’rs used by permission, Light Through Water by Steven Gutheinz licensed by Musicbed, and Nobody Loves Me Like You by Low Roar used by permission

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  • Nicole & Grant’s NYE wedding by Pen Weddings

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    Man, I love a good New Year’s Eve wedding and exactly a year ago, Nicole and Grant were getting wed, as you’ll see in this excellent trailer by Pen Weddings.

    Trailer by Pen Weddings

    Music: Auld Lang Syne by Allie Moss and Lift Me Up by The Afters licensed through SongFreedom

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  • Deborah & Mark by Know Media

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    Pro-tip: if your film starts with a warm timelapse sunrise over the Dordogne and narration by a native French speaker, I am all in. To suggest that’s all there is to this awesome piece by Know Media is to do it a massive disservice, however. Take a look for yourself and see how every moment lives up to the rich promise set by the very first shot.

    Trailer by Know Media.

    Music is The Great Wonder by Ryan Taubert, licensed from Music Bed.

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  • Angad & Navnit by Cinéverse

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    Meticulous. It might not be the most romantic way of describing this trailer for Angad & Navnit, but I can’t think of a better way of describing the degree of care and precision that’s gone into it. Every shot is purposeful, every movement meaningful. Technically brilliant and exquisitely composed, I love how close this gets to the couple without ever feeling intrusive. Bravo, Cinéverse, bravo.

    Trailer by Cinéverse.

    Music is Become by Phillip Cuccias, licensed from Music Bed.

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  • Sarah & Steve by Old North Film Company

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    Tyler from Old North Film Company says that Sarah and Steve are “super fun, crazy in love, and the perfect couple for an electronic pop song”. We happen to agree. Great shots meet awesome timing to give this film an electric pace, and how could we resist a wedding that sees the groom walking away from the ceremony with a replica of the WWE Intercontinental Championship? Shawn Michaels would be proud.

    Showcase film by Old North Film Company.

    Music is White Forest by the Painted Pianos, licensed via Music Bed.

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  • Guv & Mukti by Zenith Cinematography

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    Oh my; the folks at Zenith Cinematography sure know how to grab your attention. With a sweeping opening that flies us over an Icelandic waterfall, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Guv and Mukti’s wedding film might lose sight of the couple at the heart of it – but it never does. Breathtaking in scale but still in love with the small things, this stunning film is an absolute treat.

    Concept film by Zenith Cinematography.

    Music is Celestial by Moncrief and Infinity by One Hundred Years, licensed from Music Bed.

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  • Abby & AJ by The Perfect Pear

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    Here’s a quick Friday treat for you; would you believe that this is only the 11th wedding that the lovely folks at The Perfect Pear have shot? Not only is this a super-intimate and beautifully told story, it’s also really nice to see a film that makes a virtue of the fact that it was clearly bucketing down with rain on the big day…

    Trailer by The Perfect Pear.

    Music is (appropriately enough) See the Storm by Random Forest, licensed from Music Bed.

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  • Catherine & Steven by Mesmeric Films

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    Anyone who’s ever shot a wedding can attest that the day tends to be a frantic carnival of colour and sound, with barely a moment free in which to catch a breath. That’s why I love the absolute sense of serenity present in Catherine and Steven’s wedding film from  Mesmeric. It’s cool, calm, collected and infinitely classy, with every shot given the room it deserves.

    Trailer by Mesmeric Films.

    Music is Eyes Wide Open by Tony Anderson and Infinity by One Hundred Years, licensed from Music Bed.

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  • Melissa and Tracey by Chris Watson Films

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    Time to break some rules and feature a piece longer than 8 minutes, but trust me, it’s worth it. I hope you all, like me, loudly applauded the SCOTUS same sex marriage ruling back in June. But it took watching this trailer to fully bring home to me just why that ruling was so important. I’m usually not a fan of interviews in wedding trailers, but they work perfectly here – to underscore all of the wonderful reasons why Melissa and Tracey wanted to get married – yes, rights, but also love.

    Trailer by Chris Watson Films

    Music: Virginia by Longlake & Always by Shawn Williams, both licensed from Music Bed

    BONUS: Watch this awesome BTS of the wedding:

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  • Jessie & Danny by Epic Studios

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    It’s Friday, so I’ll keep this short. What I love in this trailer is the depth of the storytelling. We don’t just hear the best man’s speech, we see him writing it the morning of the wedding. Going above just shooting what’s in front of you, and finding the wider story is one of the hallmarks of really great, compelling wedding filmmaking.

    Teaser by Epic Studios

    Music licensed from Music Bed

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