Wedding videography is not what it used to be. Cameras get smaller every year and we have carbon fiber everything. Wedding videography today is an elegant and sophisticated art. Filmmakers are mobile and stealthy. They blend into the background like ninjas ready to capture any moment worthy of the camera. New tools and gadgets allow them to shoot from new angles and editing software might as well not have existed before.

Our mission at Love24fps is to create a platform for wedding videographers to hone their skills and be inspired. Novice to expert, we all have something to offer. We should be working together to educate and equip each other to produce films that make people smile, laugh, cry, and go "awwww". We are literally creating happiness and what do happy people do? Hire videographers... :). But seriously, the more we help each other raise the standard for wedding videos the more people want to pay us. You just can't lose.

Mitch + Tim

After Tom's resignation, Love24fps ended up in our hands. The blog had played a huge role in both of us becoming better videographers and we knew we had to carry on the legacy. Tom’s vision was to “raise awareness about how great live filmmaking is achieved” and we intend to do our best to continue that. We want Love24 to be a place people can come to find the inspiration they need to push the limits of wedding videography and live event filmaking alike.


Father of Love24fps. Co-owner of LongHaulFilms. Tom Dowler built Love24fps single-handedly in 2012. The idea was to compile high quality wedding videos from around the world. He ran the show for 3 years, turning the idea into the largest library of high quality wedding videos on the web. Tom's company LongHaulFilms took off in late 2015 and he was forced to put the blog up for adoption. As great as it is to see someone in our industry succeed, Tom will be greatly missed and will always be a part of Love24fps. Thanks Tom.


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