appiness is a journey. Seeing a Marine in uniform laughing as the snapshot of this film immediately had me hooked. I'm a sucker for the whole proud military man serving his country and combining that with a seemingly genuine, full hearted smile connects me instantly. It perfectly and subtly sets the tone for the film. There are areas of improvement that could be had such as the audio spikes at 1:04 and 2:13 and some of the shots could use to be smoother panning and/or focusing. Beyond that though this film does a few key things that really left me feeling good. First, like I mentioned, it sets the tone before I even start watching. We are all used to seeing a pretty picture of the couple as the snapshot and I never feel any different about it. Another subtle but paramount part of this film is that all the shots are relevant to the speeches. This may seem obvious but it's shots like at 1:00 when we see the best man standing and watching proudly as he talks about letting go. This subtlety may not have even been intended but it's there and that's what matters. The last thing i'll mention is the ending. It's not stereotypical and to be honest, at first I resisted. It was a so-so shot, the only slo-mo shot, and then... it froze. The fact that it was frozen released me from having to watch the people on the screen and I found myself thinking about the love that was represented there and I connected with that.

These things may be just my interpretations and may not have been intended at all but if they were I'm glad I watched it and I will probably have a dream tonight in which I safe my lady from a fire breathing dragon wielding my Manfrotto XPRO.