hen Stan and Jeana submitted this trailer to us, I emailed them back and asked about the Zoom H1 audio recorder taped to the top of the mic during the toasts. I took a look at some of their other work and knew this wasn't standard practice so I assumed that it was one of those occasions when you had a choice between capturing something imperfectly and not capturing it at all. Sometimes you've got to do what you've got to do.

It transpired that the wedding was altogether a challenging one for them to shoot, because the bride and groom made it clear in the beginning that stills was their focus - to the extent that Stan's team was not allowed in the room for the first look (they got creative and shot it through the door anyway). Some filmmakers are lucky enough to be in markets that foster enough demand that we can turn down these sorts of clients. Of course there's nothing wrong with making stills your priority, but as a client you're wasting your money if you hire talented filmmakers and then prevent them from being able to do their best work.

So what if you're in a market where demand isn't yet high enough and you need to take clients who don't necessarily value your work? You do exactly what Stan and Jeana did - shoot the crap out of the wedding (check out the shot at 3:07) despite the hurdles and produce excellent work despite the couple's reservations.

Trailer by Stan Pe Films

Music: Lost and Found by Katie Herzig, licensed from The Music Bed