hat up, Love24fps fam!? Tim here and I want to address a couple things before I get to today’s bangin’ film. First, you guys are the best. You’ve probably noticed that things have been on somewhat of a hiatus lately. Even so, we’ve continued to get steady submissions and the site has continued to grow. Thank you for sticking with us! Second, Mitch is the best. Even though I needed to take a short break from writing for to deal with some personal business stuff, he’s worked so hard to turn the site into these beautiful, clean pages you see now. I’ve said it privately, but I want to say it here too: you rock, man.
Alright, let’s talk wedding films! Kriha films is also, you guessed it, the best. Let’s start with the look. The longer I’m a wedding videographer, the more I’ve seen my own personal style move from a bright, blow-out-the-background look to a darker, expose-for-your-subject-and-crush-the-heck-out-of-the-blacks look. Of course you never want to go too far in either of those directions, but there’s just something about the darker tones that have a richer, more cinematic feel to them. This really lends itself well to incorporating the spotlight dance shots early like the filmmaker does here. And I mean what’s the point of the MOB wearing such a sparkly dress if you’re not going to put her and her daughter right next to a window so you can get a shot like the one at 03:45? So fun. You know what else is fun? Bringing the audience’s attention directly to the nonlinear timeline with the clock transitions. Wedding filmmakers have been mixing up the day’s timeline since wedding films became a thing, but for this wedding, where the timeline itself has an added layer of significance because of the date, giving the time such prominence works oh so well. Also, the clock transitions highlight the holiday without letting it take center stage. Instead, the new marriage is what’s celebrated. Bravo, Kriha Films. Thanks for this beauty.

From the filmmaker: "We were filming in a super small town in Nebraska so our goal was to make it not look like a super small town in Nebraska. Angles and light and doing creative things while shooting and also jazzing up the edit with the song and the time lapse we felt really turned what could have been a boring wedding in the middle of nowhere into something we found quite beautiful. I believe you can find the beauty in anything. You don't have to be in some gorgeous city on the other side of the world, although it's nice and certainly helps. All you need is some creativity and knowing how light works and how to frame your shots to get the most appeal out of them. We were so honored to film Alisha and Brad's day and witness all the love. "