love finding videos that inspire me as much as this. I'm just going to start listing the things I loved. First, at 0:16 the flag is mirrored and overlaid for a series of clips. For me it added interest and the waving of the flag reinforced a calm, peaceful feeling. Take a look at 0:30 and notice how much of the shot is in focus. These guys nailed the aperture on pretty much every shot I saw. Everything of interest in every shot was in focus, no more and no less, from entire landscapes to the tip of a pen. Another HUGE thing to notice was the color consistency and simplicity. From 1:05 to 1:29 you pretty much see only 3 colors; white, turquoise, and brown. This is maybe one of the most important parts of filmmaking in general as the color palette directly relates to the mood of the film. Around 1:10 you can just barely start to hear a faint clicking noise. It is the start of a beautiful transition that fully comes in at 1:50 and is seriously perfect. It comes in and It feels so good! Alright so those are a few things I loved and I didn't mention the crystal clear speeches but the last thing I'd like to mention is the length. At only 3:16 it's on the short end but it's so consumable. It gives you its best and then it's done. Perfect for Facebook and Love24fps. A+

With Heart Films also "have a post about the wedding, where you can read more about the couple and their wedding and also see a list of all professionals involved"

Stam & George - With Heart Films

"Our approach in every wedding is to have fresh eyes and heart and discover the little or big moments that can beautifully tell the story that is unfolding in front of you. While filming we always try to use natural light while we have it and when it gets darker, light when needed only, to enhance the mood and ambient light. The biggest challenge we faced, was having two different kind of ceremonies back to back on different locations. Even if weddings are a live-event that you have little control on, pre-production always helps. So, we had already gathered all the info we needed, communicated our needs with everyone involved, scouted the locations beforehand and everything went really smooth. As we always film together, combining our shooting styles, we also edit together trying different things each time but always with the goal to create a film that is really about their couple and their story."