e're huge fans of Moho Creative's work and this trailer is a particular stand-out from a team that always  produces exquisite wedding films. On the technical side, we love how the fire dancers bring you right in at the start- what a great editing choice. I really like the color grading and how they played with contrast in the edit to give this trailer a unique look. And then there's that slow motion dancing in the waves that starts at about 1:40. Sigh.... somebody get me on the first plane to Mexico!

What really grabbed me from this trailer (and there was a lot to choose from) was how relaxed  Jen and Nish looked. It's clear the team from Moho Creative established trust and put them at ease. They seem in the moment and willing to take risks (such as going into the ocean... at night....wearing their wedding clothes....!)

When you're considering who to hire to document your wedding, talent and filmmaking skills are important. But they're not enough. You want to  choose a team you really like and who make you feel comfortable. It will make your wedding day much more fun and it will show on camera, much like it does here

Trailer by Moho Creative.

Music: Say (All I Need) by OneRepublic licensed from songfreedom.com