he first video clip starts at 0:09 and ends at 0:35. That's a 26 second clip. There are so many different styles out there and this one particularly spoke to me. The 26 second clips is slow, smooth, peaceful and happy. The second clip is a graceful fallaway shot that fades slowly into another dress shot which also fades away, etc. What does this all mean and why am I stating the obvious? Consistency! All of their shots are elegant. The length of their fade outs and crossfades enhance this style as well as the length of their shots. The song is mysterious and mystical and I find myself waiting to see the bride and grooms face. The beautiful shot at 0:47 pulls us into the intimacy of the couple. The following clip shows us half their face but more importantly what kind of couple they are. Loving, genuine, and playful, at least that's what I got. I've realized that lately I have been dissecting less of the technical side of how the film was created and more of the creative side. I feel as though most people can quickly learn the technical side of things but not everyone can see and/or understand the creative side. To find the subtleties of a film that make you feel happy or anticipate a moment. I often think people don't ask why enough. Why do their shots look so beautiful? Why did they not show the couples faces until 1:01? Why was their film only 2:46? If you are looking for inspiration and you watch a film that you like, watch it again. Watch it a third time too and each time as yourself why? Why do I like this film? What about it makes me happy or sad or connects me to the couple. Once you figure that out you can start to practice doing those things in your own films. The Big Day Productions did a fantastic job here and I'm sure we'll be seeing more of them.

Christian - The Big Day Productions

"...it was my first attempt as a solo-shooter. It was the wedding of friends of a befriended wedding photographer. I was pretty nervous as I have never been shooting alone before. I wanted to try something new. Reduce the equipment, focus on the couple! When the day started (it was the hottest day of the year in germany) I felt super relaxed, for I knew it was only gonna be me and the couple that day. Well, at least for the ceremony I would have loved to have a second shooter, because a steady angle of the officiant would have been nice for the longer edit. But nevertheless, I managed to shoot everything by myself pretty good. The couple was as sweet as can be. We didnt know each other before, but I felt like an old friend the moment I entered the room to meet the bride. When I met James at the church it was quite the same. They are lovely persons and definitely became friends after the wedding. The way I edit my films is to focus on the couple and that was super easy that day, as they were giving amazing vows to each other. When I've seen their vows in the film it actually made me drop a tear myself."