fter finishing this video for the first time, I had two immediate conclusions. 1) I've got to start booking weddings in Italy. 2) Sometimes less is more. There seemed to be a real clarity to this film. At first I thought that it was due to a slow pace in the editing. To be sure, there are several money shots that the filmmaker camps out on. However, I noticed after a second viewing that many of the shots don't stick around for more than a couple seconds. I realized it's not necessarily a slow pace that makes this film so easy to consume, but it's the actual composition of the shots. I love a dirty frame as much as the next guy, but a dirty frame doesn't have to mean busy. There is a simplicity to a lot of these shots (the bride's shoes, the bride standing in a field, all the 2-shots of the couple during the ceremony) that really enables our eyes to immediately find what they are supposed to be looking at right away. Without the stress of "keeping up" with the film, we're able to rest and enjoy the beauty. Great job.