diting is a universal language. I don't speak a lick of French, but I was engaged the whole time in this quick highlight because multiple times there would be a natural build up followed by an energetic payoff. If you give your cutting a rhythm (not just cutting on the downbeat of each measure, but giving your film a dynamic pace), anyone anywhere will be able to visually connect with your story. In general this style pushed the cinematic envelope more than I prefer, but that's just my personal taste. For instance I would lose the second graphic of the couples' names and I'm not sure what the motivation was for reversing those shots at the end. However, this film also featured some really fresh new takes on the wedding film. I love opening the video with a conversation with the planner about reception details. Many brides put a lot of work into planning the details of a wedding day. It's nice to see that featured in the film.

Video courtesy of Gordon Wedding Films

Music: Epic Inspiration by Audiophile-Trax licensed via AudioJungle